Nombre Compañia Comentario  Descarga 
MadMix Game Topo Soft --
Mad Mix Game 2 Topo Soft --
Magic Jhonson Basketball New Frontier En castellano
Magic Knight Trilogy Varias Finder's Keepers, Spellbound
y Knight Tyme
Mantis 2 Raven Adventures --
Mega Box Dinamic Narco Police, Navy Moves, After the War,
Satan y A.M.C.
Metal Action Dinamic After The War, Aventura Original, Satan,
Astro Marine Corps y Freddy Hardest 2
Metropolis Topo Soft --
Mickey Mouse Gremlin Graphics --
Microprosse Soccer Microprosse --
Midnight Resistance Ocean No original
Mortadelo y Filemon 2 Animagic --